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"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things"

— Joseph Pilates

Contrology Pilates Method

Completion of the comprehensive Pilates Teacher training

PMA (Pilates Method Alliance)

Certified Pilates Teacher

Rebecca Leone

Excel Certified

Sports Science Diploma

Kingsway College

Advanced Sports Science Diploma for Personal Trainers

City University

Somatic Exercise Coach Level 1

Align Somatics with Tanya Fizpatrick

Somatic Exercise Coach Level 2

Align Somatics with Tanya Fizpatrick

Somatics for Scoliosis

The Somatic Movement Center – Sarah Warren

Buff Bones Course by Rebekah Rotstein

Instructor training – Pilates for Osteoporosis

Eric Franklin Workshop

The pelvic floor in three dimensions – Polestar (Diane Nye)

Eric Franklin Workshop

Happy feet, organising your dynamic base – Polestar (Diane Nye)

Analysing Scoliosis in Pilates

Erin Myers

Spinal Fusion & Scoliosis in Pilates

Erin Myers

Looking at the pelvis in two halves in Pilates

Nikki Chrysostomou at Tranquility Pilates

Adding Rotation in Pilates

Nikki Chrysostomou

Max Strom

Inner Axis workshop

James D’Silva

Garuda mat workshop

Thomas Myers

Anatomy Trains in Movement Therapy

John Stirk at Triyoga

‘What Lies Beneath’

Advanced workshop in sports massage release techniques

Mel Cash – London School of Sports Massage

Anatomy on cadavers : spine, spinal cord, CN, pelvis, pelvic floor/postural support muscles & anatomy of lower back pain

Imperial College, London

British Amateur Weightlifting Association Teachers Award


Pre & Post Natal Personal Trainer Diploma


Leisure & Recreation Management Diploma

City & Guild

Health & Hygiene Award


Holistic Massage with Anatomy & Physiology Diploma


First Aid & CPR Certified

British Red Cross

Sarah Lo Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

Levels 1 and 2 (Yoga Alliance Certified)

Bryan Kest Poweryoga

Teacher Training Course

Rebecca Leone workshops:

  • Safety in spinal mechanics on the mat.

  • Safe & strong teaching technique. The Historic Repertoire.

  • Mat work progressions. ‘When basic feels advanced’.

  • Hypermobility syndrome. ‘Contract/Relax fusion’.

  • Classical Reformer repertoire, with focus on safe spinal mechanics.

  • Gap Filler – ‘What is Pilates, how & why it works, explaining Pilates.

  • Gap Filler – ‘Achieving Idealized alignment & stability using domes, elevator & wagon wheels.

  • Gap Filler – ‘Problem Solving’

  • Floorwork Intensive.


Paul and Suzee Grilley workshops: Several attended


Jo Phee workshops: Several attended


Dr Suzanne Martin:

  • The Foot: Foot mechanics & medical background

  • The Foot: Assessment techniques for foot management

  • The Foot: Pilates based treatment, motor control & recruitment

Media coverage:

Featured in Marie Claire magazine, 2002 as ‘Personal Trainer to the stars’ Celebrity Personal Trainer interview.

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