"Let us teach you something that will last all your life"

— Joseph Pilates

Susannah Alpert began her career in ‘Bodywork’ by first certifying as a Personal Trainer in 1993 and then in 1995 as an Holistic Massage Therapist.  During the nineties she travelled and studied in America and it was there that she discovered Pilates.  She became completely devoted to the method of Pilates as it had helped her heal and strengthen her body like nothing else had done after fracturing her pelvis. So, becoming deeply fascinated with ‘Contrology’, the original name given to the work of Joseph H Pilates, she took several years to learn the method thoroughly, studying with numerous teachers worldwide and continues to do so ... as a teacher never stops learning!

Susannah has not limited her studies to Pilates. She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher and Somatic Movement Therapist. This in depth varied training gives her the ability to help her clients achieve complete transformations in their own bodies. This is done by studying the client and then prescribing movement programmes uniquely tailored to the clients own body.


Susannah helps to bring some alignment back to her clients by fine tuning and calibrating their programmes to help bring long lasting changes/pain relief. This can be achieved by releasing restricted chains of muscular tension and pain patterns which can be held in the body for years, therefore allowing for more fluid movements, bringing optimal alignment back into the body and developing dynamic strength, allowing for painless, free and functional movement.

Having worked in numerous studios and gyms during the last 27years, Susannah now offers sessions from her studio in Tring or remotely over zoom where she works to help others out of pain and teaches them safe and effective exercise.



CONTACT | Susannah Alpert on 07989 556 154 or intrinsicpilates12@gmail.com

TRING STUDIO | Pennyroyal Court, Station Road, Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 5QY

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